Age group
Spring20 Adult Coaching Thursdays
Onslow Lawn Tennis Club, Guildford, GU2 7QS
Thu 27th Feb–Thu 2nd Apr | 7:00pm–9:00pm
Sessions: 6
£72 full programme (£18.00 × 6 sessions) per player. save £36.00 when you book all sessions.
Coached by: P Kucera

For players with a solid understanding of the game ready to develop their range of skills, technically and tactically. Join us and you’ll soon be giving your opponents a run for their money as well as feeling more sure of your court positioning and shot selection. As you develop your skills, your confidence and fitness will increase and open up further opportunities to play socially with a broader range of players.

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One-to-one coaching

If you want to have an intense session with you and the coach, this is the thing for you. Just fill out our form and tell where and when you would like to play and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Tennis Products

Our range of Tennis products are a great way to develop skills playing with and against others in a group of a similar standard. Our LTA -qualified coaches make sure each player receives individual input whilst the group strive to achieve the overall goals of the session. These group sessions allow a real team environment to develop and contributes to many players lasting love for tennis through meeting other like-minded people and finding a fun way to develop skills and have friendly competition.

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Our coaches

We're serious about our coaches. It is a privilege to share knowledge and help people realise their potential, and we want this to be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved. We've seen that people learn better and faster if they enjoy themselves too (otherwise, we might as well be playing golf!)

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